From Local to the Cross Country, Every Solution Is Available 

Sometimes you do not opt for regular service; you need specialized service for extraordinary items. Paying a premium ensures the right employee arrives at the right time and delivers the inventory in perfect condition at the right destination. White-glove moving company goes beyond the industry standard and offers unparalleled service to optimize the entire relocation process. They are not regular movers but have tons of experience and expertise behind their back, managing every aspect from pick up, transport and delivery. Before packing, every item is catalogued, and necessary documents are prepared. 

Minimize damage potential

A premier moving company offers more than lip service; all items are packed appropriately to minimize damage potential during transit. An insulated crate is used to transport delicate, fragile inventories like sculptures, paintings and antiques. A comprehensive package is provided. According to the weight and fragility of the items, a customized moving service is provided. Optimized white-glove moving technology is provided for all fragile items, big or small. The world-class service segregates white glove movers from regular ones. 

Specialized service and tools

To a pianist, a piano is dearer to the heart. Specialized services and tools are used to transport musical instruments. There are different styles of piano that need to be hauled and transported safely. An upright piano is the most common style because of its dimension, whereas a grand piano is a delicate instrument that needs utmost handling care. It is a masterpiece in its own right. Professional movers respect the craftsmanship and passion attached to it. Digital pianos are easy to pack and unpack than a grand pianos. Whatever style it is, the movers ensure it arrives in perfect condition at the new studio. You can ask for a quotation to move your beloved piano without any obligation.

Without structural damage

Professional white glove movers ensure the musical piece is delivered without internal or surface damage. Insulated packing material is used to absorb shock during transit, and specially designed cargo is used for safe transportation of the piano. The cost of hiring professional movers is much less than you realize. The task of transporting a piano in a safe manner is challenging and backbreaking. To haul and transport the one thousand pounds of delicate instruments, specialized service is necessary. A premium quality service is guaranteed, and you receive updates from the coordinator on a regular basis.

Climate control storage

To professionally relocate a piano, a generic viewpoint is required. Some movable parts of the musical instrument, like a lid, or action mechanism, are detached and put in a safe container. There are separately packed in a proper cartoon for safe transit. This technique applies to both intercity and crosses country relocation. The piano is accommodated in the truck carefully to prevent any surface and structural damage. Once the piano reaches its destination, reverse engineering is performed. Professionals assemble the parts to make them fully functional. A climate control storage facility is available to store the piano if the new studio is not yet complete. Before you hire a white-glove moving company, you are free to ask for an estimate to transport your piano from your existing home to a new one. 



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