How to Market Your New Laundromat

So, you are about to open your new laundromat facility to your community. Congratulations! The benefits of operating a laundromat are vast, but of course, the work doesn’t end there. You will now need to delve deeper into laundry service marketing if you want to attract new customers and have them return to avail of your services over and over again. The question is, how? Read on to learn how you can set a great first impression and market your new laundromat!

1. Invest in Exterior Signage

Digital efforts are crucial if you want to reach a wide customer base, but we can’t forget about traditional methods, nor should you ignore your storefront! As a local business, you need to focus on creating an excellent first impression, which you can do through your laundromat facility. This means investing in proper exterior signages that can catch attention and have people enter your facility to inquire about or avail of your services.

Besides this, exterior signages are a cost-effective marketing tactic and are a must-have in any store. When getting exterior signages for your laundromat, here are helpful tips to follow:

  • Use bright, contrasting colors
  • Use bold fonts that are easy to read
  • Consider your building’s architecture and color palette
  • Make sure that your lease allows exterior signages and if there are any specific requirements

2. Focus on Local Marketing

As a laundromat, your target audience is more specific to your local community, which is why local marketing is key to gain a customer base and rise from the many competitors in your area.

Local marketing can be done online, being a great laundromat digital marketing strategy, as most potential customers or your community are at. You can start with your local marketing efforts by creating a Google Business Profile and listing your business for people to easily find you when they search for “laundromat near me.” If you already have a website set up for your business, you can utilize local SEO by using keywords that include the city you serve.

Google Business Profile is also an excellent way to grow your local customer base by including photos and videos of your facility, encouraging people to share their feedback, and updating interested customers about your service offerings.

3. Give Back to the Community

Another amazing way to market your new laundromat and get word out that you’re open for business is through extending your reach to the community through joining outreaches, fundraisers, and other community events.

During events, you can ask organizers to promote your laundromat through event signages, ad placements, and having your other marketing materials put up for attendees to learn more about your laundromat and where to reach you.

Not only will people get to know more about your laundromat, it will also set an excellent impression as event goers will regard you as a charitable and trusted business that is involved with the community.

Wrapping It Up

These cost-effective marketing strategies will give you an excellent start to your journey as a laundromat owner.

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