Useful Tips On How Tradies Can Market Themselves Better

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You could be the best at your trade, and know how to solve every single problem that your customers could possibly have. However, if your phone isn’t ringing then that means you don’t have enough work. To run a tradie business, you’ll need to do more than just providing services to customers. You’ll need to know how to manage and operate your firm, and tips to market yourself.

When you’re good at tradie marketing, you’ll attract a steady stream of customers, and won’t have to worry about going without work for long periods. But what can you do to market yourself? We have rounded up twelve tips for you to can aid you:

1. Learn SEO

Through utilizing SEO, you can improve your visibility by achieving a higher ranking on search results in search engines like Google. If you can’t handle the SEO work yourself, then you can hire a specialist to do it for you. When your business starts appearing in search results pages, you’ll get more traffic to your business web page. Since you’ll be generating more leads, you’re also likely to get more customers.

2. Google Business Profile

Create your profile on Google Business Profile and you’ll be able to manage your presence on Google Maps much better. You’ll be able to improve your presence online. It will also aid customers to leave behind reviews easily.

3. Google Ads

If you want customers fast, then Google Ads is the way to do it. You can create a campaign and you’ll be able to generate leads within a day. This option can be expensive so you’ll really need to optimize your campaign.

4. Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a marketing solution with a high conversion rate, then that’s email marketing. When you send emails regularly, you stay on the minds of customers. You can add a sign up offer on your company website to motivate more individuals to subscribe to your emails.

5. Website Conversions

To mark your presence online, you’ll absolutely need to build a professional website. Your company website must be easily navigable, contain your contact information, and also be easy on the eyes. Prioritize a fast load time for your website, and affects calls to actions. Consider adding reviews and testimonials as well.

6. Social Media

Social media websites enable companies to directly interact with their customers, get reviews, as well as actively promote your tradie business. You can also network with other tradies using social media as well. This also allows you to make your business seek more human.

Add videos, photos, or similar details about the business as well. Consider investing in tradesmen insurance. Working as a

tradesman leaves you vulnerable to certain risk factors, such as getting sued by unhappy clients. When you have tradesmen insurance, you can protect your business as well as your finances. If you want to know more about tradesmen insurance, then click here.

7. Referral Program

Give your customers the option to join your referral program. If they refer your business to enough people, then they’ll get a reward. This can be a discount or a free service.

8. Word Of Mouth Marketing

Another effective way to market a business is through word of mouth marketing. People are more likely to take referrals from their friends and families seriously. So ideally you want your customers to refer your business to the people they know. Offer high quality services and actively ask your customers for referrals. If they see someone who requires your services, they will refer you.

9. Get Signage

The signage on your premises as well as the ones on your van should look professional. That will allow people passing by to know that you offer certain services. Provide your contact number as well, so they can call you.

10. Traditional Advertising

You can try to integrate TV as well as the radio into your tradie marketing strategy. Provide an offer that’s likely to entice people to call you. Your content will people across your region, and this can increase brand awareness about your business.

11. Form Partnerships

Forming partnerships in your network circle can help you in securing jobs. Say you become the preferred electrician in your network circle. If any of the other tradies find out that an electrician is required, they’ll refer your services. In return, do something comparable for them.

12. Use Video Marketing

A useful tool you can employ is video marketing. You can utilize it to market your firm, attract customers, and develop your authority. You can employ videos to highlight your accomplishments or to explain the services that you provide. Additionally, you may utilize it to promote brand recognition and persuade customers to post reviews.


If you want to ensure you get regular customers, you’ll need to market your tradie business. You can use email marketing, social media, video marketing, referral programs, and various other means, to market your business. Use this guide to learn how to effectively market your business.



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